Difference between black hat and white hat SEO

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are two different ways to optimize a website. The use of different measures also results in different results. But what exactly are the differences and what effects can be expected? explanation of Terms The purely conceptual distinction between White Hat and Black Hat is often attributed to Western movies. In these, good and evil are often confronted with a duel, with the representative of the evil side wearing a black hat and the good side wearing a white hat . White-hat SEO White-Hat-SEO is, according to the term interpretation, the good side of search engine optimization. It contains all the measures for optimizing a website that comply with the guidelines of the search engines . To make sure your search engine optimization meets the requirements, review Google’s policies . White Hat SEO is a fair and ethically and legally safe way to achieve a long-term, good ranking with your own website. The big advantage of this approach is the avoidance of misconduct from the point of view of the search engine operators . Since these decide on the ranking of a website, it is important for a long-term success to observe the established rules. Possible disadvantages If the direct competitors are running black hat SEO or at least gray hat SEO , this may be an additional drawback to using similar methods to prevent ranking losses . However, black hat SEO often leads to very short-term success. Therefore, in most cases it is a better strategy not to take risks and to put up with short term ranking penalties until the sites are punished . Furthermore, white-hat-SEO takes a lot of time, especially at the beginning of the optimization. In the long term, however, maintaining a website in an intense and compliant manner is the best way to achieve a good ranking. Usual measures Basically, many OnPage measures are classified in the White Hat SEO. This includes, for example, the generation of good content that offers visitors real added value . Furthermore, a keyword analysis with subsequent optimization of the meta-data, images and texts is possible. However, it is very important not to place the placement of the keywords beyond the usability or comprehensibility of the page. Through good content , the natural structure of backlinks is promoted, which plays an important role for the search engines. Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO includes all optimization measures that are expressly prohibited by the quality guidelines of search engines . Often, however, the breach of the guidelines is deliberately accepted in order to help a website quickly to success. This quick success is achieved by misleading the rating engines of search engines. So the website first makes a positive impression and therefore achieves a very good ranking in the search results. However, this only works for a very short period of time, since the search engines notice such misconduct and then punish the corresponding websites. This means that they are removed from the search results . Website operators, who expect penalties due to the choice of their actions, often create a lot of websites. If now the current punished by the search engines, they load another, with which again quickly a good ranking should be achieved. disadvantage The biggest disadvantage is the punishment by the search engines. Due to the exclusion from the search results, the number of visitors drops significantly, because the users can no longer find the website, unless they have already visited the website and saved the exact URL . The more websites are replaced by new ones due to penalties, the higher the running costs. Each new website also requires a new domain for which the website operator bears the costs. Usual measures

1. cloaking Cloaking shows different content to human visitors and search engine crawlers . For example, it is known that search engines attach great importance to good texts. These continue to be a great way to place many keywords. Therefore, for example, the search engines are shown many well-structured texts, while the human visitors mainly see videos and photos. This content is relatively popular, but slows down the PageSpeed by its size and thus have a negative impact on the assessment of the search engines.

2. Invisible text Hidden text is added to the website in such a way that it is invisible to users but is evaluated by the search engines. This is realized by adjusting the color of the text to that of the background. The hidden text is used, for example, to place an extraordinary number of keywords .

3. Keyword Stuffing This term describes the excessive use of a keyword on a subpage. It is obvious that the existing texts serve only for the placement of the keywords instead of for the information of the visitors.

4. Bought or rented links Links from other websites are a positive sign for search engines. It becomes clear that the site offers good content that other website owners are happy to refer to in directing their visitors to further information. Bought or rented links are in most cases no added value for the visitors of a page because they often come from so-called link farms , which offer no related content. Conclusion With Black Hat SEO , good positioning is achieved quickly. However, these are short-lived as search engines recognize violations of their policies and punish them. The optimization by means of white hat SEO takes much more time, but also has a long-term positive effect on the placement in the search results. We therefore recommend that you always stay on the good side of search engine optimization and thus obtain a serious and efficient website.