Additional Services

Safety Deposit Boxes Expand/Collapse

We provide fire safe security boxes that you can use to safely secure your valuables. 
We offer boxes in small and large size at our Kingston location only.

Fees:  Small: $40.00 Large: $50.00
           Replacement Key: $50.00
If you lose both keys, the safety deposit box can be drilled by a locksmith at cost to the Member.

InteracĀ® e-Transfer Expand/Collapse

e-Transfers are an easy, fast, safe and cheap way to transfer money to a friend or family member in Canada without having to know their banking information.  All you need is an email or mobile phone number, and a security question.

Fees:  Send $2.00 Receive: $0.00

InteracĀ® Online Payments Expand/Collapse

Interac® Online Payments is an immediate, secure, and easy-to-use online payment method. Payments are made through the convenience of your existing online banking access, without requiring you to create any new user names, passwords or accounts.

Fees: Same as purchase in store, see account details for your account.

Wire Transfers Expand/Collapse

When you need to send or receive money safe and fast, use our Wire Transfer service. 
It is a great way to transfer large fund amounts in many currencies, to most financial institution worldwide. 

Fees: Outgoing Wire: $50.00  Incoming CAD: $10.00 Incoming USD: $25.00

Currency Exchange Expand/Collapse

We provide Members the ability to buy or sell US currency in cash. 
We also offer a variety of other currencies including Euro, Pounds Sterling, Yen, Peso and many others. 

Most of these currencies are available in 2 business days and are available at great rates.

Payroll Deduction Expand/Collapse

If you are employed by Correctional Services of Canada, Canada Post, Canada Border Services Agency, Veteran Affairs Canada or Department of National Defense (Civilian), we can deduct funds from your pay cheque directly. 

This simple and unique option allows you to save money as well as pay loans and mortgages.

All Service Fees and Charges Expand/Collapse


ATM Withdrawals: THE EXCHANGE® Network FREE
ATM Withdrawals: Other ATMS $2.00
ATM Withdrawals: International $3.00
Bill Payments - In Branch $0.75
Bill Payments - Online FREE
Interac® e-Transfer Outgoing - $2.00, Incoming - $0.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing - $50.00, Incoming CAD - $10.00, Incoming USD - $25.00
Statement Mailed $2.00
Statement Retrieval $5.00
Statement Printed $1.00, One FREE Monthly
Bank Draft, Money Order (CAD or USD) $7.00
Stop Payment With Details $15.00
Stop Payment Without Details $20.00
Member Card®  Replacement $5.00, One FREE Annually
Certified Cheque, Member $7.00
Certified Cheque, Non-Member $10.00
Overdraft Hold Fee $10.00
Manual Transfer to cover overdraft $5.00
Insufficient Funds $40.00
Encoding Error Letter sent, after three months $25.00/item
Account closure within 90 days of opening $25.00
Dormant Account $15.00
Safety Deposit Box Rental Small - $40.00, Large - $50.00
Registered Product Transfer $50.00
RRIF Estate $100.00
Loan Application $50.00
Loan PPSA Registration $25.00
Loan Extension $25.00
Late Loan Payment $25.00